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series: From the Same Bulb Abramson's explorations of her yard from a bug's-eye viewpoint are well known to those who follow photography, and the works here show a continuing refinement of that vision; simultaneously confident and humble, assertive and demure. She's been working on this series for 12 years, and her commitment and close observation have resulted in a honed body of work in which the superfluous is eliminated to produce compositions that project beauty, often humor and not a little mystery through subjects that are often dismissed as mundane.

Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

series: Industrial Landscapes
series: Elephants series: Grief Work
series: Sugar Maple series: Zucchini
series: In Blue
series: Twelve Months AK
series: Woodlands
series: The Garden Inside
series: Garden Artifacts
series: Close to Home  
In Blue Twelve Months AK Woodlands